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Eric Stonecipher leopard Namibia hunt July 2016



Carl Stonecipher with his Giraffe and Zebra from Namibia hunt July 2016

stonecipherZebra16 stoneciphergiraff16


Dave Stroh with two trophies from his May 2016 hunt at Otterskloof

DSCN4467 Aoudad 1

Dave Stroh Roan on Otterskloof Hunt May 2016          Dave with Aoudad from Otterskloof Hunt May 2016


021 023

Cheyenne River Flooding on the Krafka ranch


20130121_072233 20130121_072827

Colorado Lion Hunt 2014

Vaal Rhebok

Dave Stroh with Vaal Rhebok

Leopard 1

Dave Stroh-Leopard September 2011 in Zimbabwe, Matetsi Unit #3, which is in Northern Zimbabwe not far from Victoria Falls

Elk 2012

Dave Stroh-Elk September 2013 in North West Saskatchewan, Canada

ResizedImage951353713097946 knoxant1c_01_01

2012 Whitetail Buck Dennie Mann Jr.                      1988 Dennie Mann Jr. first antelope


1986 Mary Ann Mann 10 degrees below zero last day of the season.



Pine Ridge Bison Hunt 2007 Dennie Mann and Becky Schauer


Josh Whittecar (GDC Safari Wish) 2009 Lower Brule donated Hunt


Jeff Olson and daughter Avery with Kudu on a recent safari

moz 001_01

Thomas Krafka with crocodile on a recent safari


Thomas Krafka with an awesome Cape Buffalo


Carl Stonecipher with Water Buffalo La Pampa Argentina 2013


Carl Stonecipher with Black Buck (El Carrizal Hunting Lodge)


DSC_0049 DSC_0097

14 year old Kaleb Harford competed in the M&M tactical shoot and was the youngest shooter in 2013


Fourth Annual M&M Tactical Shoot 2013 Draper South Dakota

Three gun Tactical is one of the fastest growing shooting sports


Josh Cluff Director of Sales for HS Precision with Kudu shot in September 2013 at Limpopo province of South Africa


Tom Krafka President of GDC-SCI with Bison shot on Turner Ranch South Dakota 2011






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